Traditional and Creative Means of Support

We believe that when money is used for reaching the lost and creating programs so the people in the community can hear the Gospel, it is not an expense it is an investment.   We have several ministries whose only purpose is to reach families and individuals to know Christ. 

Here are some ways you can support our mission work in Mammoth lakes:

Youth Group
Spanish Ministries
Ski-Up Services
Vacation Bible School

Writing Personal Checks

When writing a support check:

1). Be sure to make the check payable to "Mammoth Community Church" so that you will receive tax-deductible credit for the amount you are giving. Include a note on the check as to what ministry you would like to support.  If not, your support will go into the Church's general fund. 

2). If you would like to help the Pastor and his family with support, be sure to include a note on a separate piece of paper instructing the Church to apply your gift to "Pastor Support" or else your gift will go into the Church's general fund; also, for IRS purposes.  The IRS looks at it differently because it is written to an "individual" instead of a "church".